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Now, there are more and more towels on the market, all kinds of fabrics, various colours and various brands. Best to choose quality over cheap price… after all, they are used everyday and deal with the skin. Inferior towels will harm people’s health,

We recommend avoiding the following three kinds of towel:

1. Persistent towels are not green.
Many towels are dyed. Newly bought towel, the first-time water has a slight fade, is normal. If it continues to fade, there are two possibilities: one is a reprocessed product, and the other is a towel that USES a bad dye.

Poor quality dyes are made from waste raw materials and bad chemical dyes, and are only one tenth of the cost of normal dyes, and contain carcinogens such as aromatic amine. When the body is exposed to a towel that contains aromatic amine, it is easily absorbed by the skin, causing cancer or allergies. Using such a towel is a big mistake by allowing the inferior dye to wash skin, thereby washing with industrial waste water, which can seriously damage skin and endanger health.

2.The "antibacterial" towel is mostly non-antibacterial.
Besides the colourful variety, there are many functional towels on the market, such as "antibacterial" towels. This "antibacterial" towel costs several times more than regular towels. It’s towel fibre itself has antibacterial function, but too weak to deliver true antibacterial properties to the skin.

3.The towel is not softer and more absorbent.
The quality of a towel depends largely on the yarn and fibre composition. Some of the towels are very soft and slippery, but they're not very absorbent. Now the towel that sells on the market, commonly divides into 3 kinds, the water that absorbs water also has different, the citizen can be distinguished by the small label of the side of towel.

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