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Summer arrives, towel season!  Beach towel, bath towel, bathrobe. it is the season that towels are used frequently. But the reporter found that there are still some questions about the consumer's choice and use of such products. In this instalment, we invite industry veterans to answer questions.

When we buy towels, we often hear the concept of long-staple cotton, short staple cotton and Egyptian cotton. What do these categories represent?  What kinds of different cotton products are used in daily life?
According to HOLA, and commodity management department (towel) project manager Mao Gongmei introduction, towel type fabric material in broad scope, can be divided into two kinds of cotton and fibre. Subdivided, cotton is usually divided according to the origin, as we know China XinJiangMian, the beauty of the production of cotton, there is also a subcontinent production of Egyptian cotton, etc.

According to the length of cotton fibre, it can be divided into pima cotton, long staple cotton and short staple cotton. Pima cotton is the best long-staple cotton, cotton with the best length of cotton, followed by long staple cotton, most famous for the long staple cotton of xinjiang and the long staple cotton of Egypt.

Buy towels class in addition to the common cotton textiles, also see soybean protein towel, jade bamboo fibre, chitin fibre, carbon fibre, the material such as wood fibre towel products, in the name of these products have some natural material, is the material of this material are natural? What are the characteristics of these materials compared to pure cotton?
According to MAO, there are two kinds of fibre products, one is natural fibre and one is chemical fibre. Natural fibres are derived from animals, plants and minerals, and are made from a series of processed fibres. It is divided into plant fibre (such as bamboo carbon fibre, wood fibre, soybean protein fibre), animal fibre (such as silk fibre), mineral fibre (such as jade fibre). Chemical fibre refers to the fibre, chemical extraction and synthetic fibres, such as viscose fibre, synthetic fibre, such as polyester, polyamide fibre, polypropylene fibre and inorganic fibres (such as glass fibre, carbon fibre).
Different kinds of fibre are different, and their products have their own merits. MAO mei also gave us two examples: the bamboo fibre in natural fibre, which is smooth and feels like silk. Put wet, has good air permeability, moisture absorption and bamboo carbon itself has certain antibacterial function, defect is less than pure cotton towel, water imbibition and refined processing again, as the material of pure cotton more natural;

Synthetic fibre is our most commonly used polyester fibre, and some of the more ultrafine fibre towels on the market are made of this material. It is characterized by the ability to absorb water, the fabric is light and thin, the stain is strong, not easy to lose hair colour, the service life is long. The drawback is that it is chemically synthetic, not so natural, so this type of material is often used for cloth, floor MATS, and less contact with human skin. If you are in contact with the human body, most of the blends are made of cotton parts.

Jacquard, printing, velvet, and no twist, these concepts are often mentioned in the purchase, and what do they represent? How do these processes affect our choice of towel textile?
According to the introduction, these terms are expressed in terms of towel production or the following processing of towels. Jacquard is the yarn that USES a different colour or raw material when knitting a towel and makes different patterns on the jacquard machine. Jacquard towel is strong, but the fault is that the thread on the same latitude can't be more than three colours. Printed towel generally divided into reactive printing and pigment printing two, the two better than reactive printing, reactive printing don't change the towels feel, better colour, pigment printing feel hard, rigid pattern lacks depth. And the printed towel is compared with jacquard towel, the colour cannot make demand, what colour can, the expression is stronger.
No twist towel is to point to the yarn of towel does not have twist, do not twist yarn to line, the characteristic is fleeciness is soft, absorb water is good, the weakness is easy to break, easy lose hair. The velvet towel is made after the towel is made, and the wool is cut down. Will weave a good loop hair cut short, on the surface of the partition and towels smoother lustre, feel softer, defect is dropping rate is high, but also in the national standard of cut pile towel alone do the separate regulations, dropping rate is lower than normal standard of terry towel. Mao Gongmei mentioned now on the market and a process called hollow yarn, yarn in the middle is empty, it's permeability is one of the best in all of the towels, absorbent and softness is also very good, is a kind of technology of current is new.

Regarding the choice of towel, MAO hongmei said that from some sales data and experience, personal usage and gender differences in choice of towel. Women, children, choose the fabric softer untwisted, shearing products, while men are more likely to take the friction terry products, so when the choice is according to own hobby and habits to choose to suit their own products.

What are the factors that affect the quality of the towels? What needs special attention to the shopping towel?

According to the introduction, the grade of towel raw material first, quality directly decides the quality of towel. Second is the craft of towel, the good and bad of craft also decide the quality of towel. Consumers also need to pay attention to when the choose and buy towels on the towel label its safety standards should be GB18401-2010 - b type, must choose to have the safety standard, towels, and infant products should choose GB18401-2010 - a class.

We often see a few businessmen publicity, towel weight, the greater the number the better the quality, or the number, the higher the quality, the better, towel on the number of grams of weight, yarn count is to point to? The higher the weight, the higher the count, the better the quality of the towel?

Mao Gongmei explanation, the quality of the towel in general refers to a single weight of the towel, but the weight of the towel is not directly determining the quality of towel, such as the European and American countries consumers prefer thick terry towels, Asians prefer soft, thin of zero twist towel, so can't simply by weight measure quality.

The yarn is a unit of yarn thickness, and the number of count and yarn is related to the weight of the yarn. For a simple example, if you can weave 30 pieces of yarn that is 1 meter in length, you can say that this is 30 pieces of yarn. If you can weave 40 pieces of yarn about one meter in length, you can say that this is 40 yarns. The higher the count, the finer the yarn, the higher the evenness, and the fabric will be thinner and softer. As far as towels are concerned, 10, 16, 21, 32, 40. Although there are a few 60 pieces of yarn, 40 is generally the best. It is true that the higher the number, the better the softness and quality of the towel. But Mao Gongmei also remind, now there are some illegal businessmen will use a softener, make count is not high towel softer, through the processing of towel, generally after washing a few times, towel will harden. Although the towel in use inevitably can harden, but is generally used in normal towel period, 3-6 months to produce this kind of phenomenon, consumer is in use process should be more careful.

Is the new towel fading and shedding normal hair?

"In general, the towel with good quality with after one or two minor rub off basically won't rub off, continue to rub off serious towel must be unqualified, is not recommended." said MAO. It is normal for one type of towel products, but this kind of wool is confined to have floating flocculant hair or fine hair, for towel wool is related national standards. Take a 100 gram towel for example, if use 3 months drop hair is 3 to 5 grams, the towel is qualified. If the towel is only 80 grams after three months, the product is substandard.


While answering the question above, the red sister also made some considerations for the consumer during the use of the process:

In the process of daily cleaning, it is recommended to use neutral detergent, do not use detergent cleaning products, such as strong acid, strong alkali like 84, and cleaning temperature not over 80 ℃. Towel class had better not wash them in washing machine, because towel than ordinary clothes, bedding, such as the density difference, washing machine twist wring to towel tissue damage.

If a dark towel is chosen, it is recommended to soak in brine before using. The towel USES the time to become slippery, can use warm brine to soak, rinse after rinse clean and put in cool and ventilated place, can make a towel become relaxed.

Do not place towels in a damp space for a long time, and don't overheat under strong light. Bright light not only causes towel colour distortion, also can cause harm to towel fibre and affect towel use term, best to replace every 3 months.           
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