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The analysis of the raw material used in towel products is the basic content of the towel product testing, and the important basis for determining the quality of the towel products. The analysis of the raw material of towel products, including the qualitative identification and quantitative analysis of various fibres of the yarn that make up the towel fabric. Of course, for pure textile products, only qualitative identification is needed; In the case of blended towel products, it is necessary to identify the fibre towels in yarn and then determine the percentage of fibre content.

Towel in the identification of fibres, is to use physical method, chemical method and instrument, etc., the determination of the nature of the unknown fibre has compared with the known properties of the fibres are, to identify a qualitative fibre experimental method. The methods used are: sensory, combustion, microscopy, chemo lysis, melting point, drug colouring, and infrared spectroscopy. It is often necessary to use a variety of methods, comprehensive analysis and research to produce results.

The general procedure for the identification of towel fibres is to identify the categories before they are identified and then further validated. Use the burning method to identify the natural fibres and chemical fibres of the towel, and use the microscopy to identify all kinds of vegetable towel fibres and animal towel fibres. For chemical fibre, using chlorine and nitrogen analysis distinguishes does not contain chlorine, nitrogen and chlorine containing nitrogen, not containing chlorine containing nitrogen, chlorine nitrogen five kinds of situation, then according to the melting point of chemical fibre, relative density, birefringence, solubility and other differences, one by one to distinguish all kinds of regenerated fibre and synthetic fibre. For some special fibres, the infrared absorption spectrometry is used to identify them
In the differential towels hybrid fibre and blended yarn, generally can use first microscope, confirmed that it contains several kinds of fibre, and then one by one to identify with other appropriate method. For dyeing or finishing fibre, it is possible to ensure that the towel identification results are accurate and reliable. For bicomponent fibres or composite fibres, a microscopically, the method of dissolving and infrared absorption spectrometry is used.

Quantitative analysis of the blended material, that is, after the qualitative identification of blended material, and then based on the chemical properties of fibres, chooses the appropriate chemical reagent, according to certain dissolved method, one or a few components in the blended product fibre dissolving, from dissolved weightlessness or the weight of insoluble fibre is calculated for each component of the fibre percentage.

At home and abroad, many countries and regions have set standards for the analysis of most textile materials. Therefore, in the analysis of the raw material of towel products, different standards should be tested according to different test requirements. Of course, there are some fibre (especially a few new fibre) or blended towel products detection method, also there is no standard to follow, then it should be according to the specific properties of fibre towel, choose the appropriate methods to identify and towel analysis.
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