Raw material

Our main products, towels, are made of 100% pure cotton from mainland China. The products are very soft, absorbent, and excellent for washing up and bathing. They are of the highest quality.

We also provide professional designers to meet your custom needs and produce unique and customized products in excellent time.

HeBei ZhongHong HuiJing Import& Export Trade Co., Ltd. meets the needs of various customers, our professional designers provide professional services according to the needs of our customers, and our towels are suitable for hotels, spas, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.

We can also offer you a variety of important stock products.

Commodity features:
1.Product uses the latest in advanced technology offering colour dye on patterns of flowers, grass, clothing, and other prints, which change their appearance when the temperature of the original pattern on the towel changes.  Very good personalization usage and highly unusual and unique.

2.Towels are colour fasted and ordinary towels upon appearance. When the temperature reaches 35 degrees the towels will have incredible changes. The towels raw materials are in line with international SGS certification and environmental protection, and are non-toxic.

3.Personalized towels can also be customized to private towel patterns, and unique logos. Our production schedule is also very short, so we can deliver according to your needs.